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E-System Shampoo & Conditioner

The "E" stands for emu oil. These products help stop the effects of aging while creating soft, shiny, healthy hair. The proprietary blend in these products promotes unprecedented, rapid hair growth. Among the key ingredients in E Shampoo & E Conditioner are Panthenol, Wheat Germ oil, Keratin, and Jojoba. But the real secret is the emu oil.

Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, which promotes hair growth by penetrating the outer layer of the scalp with high levels of oleic acid. This oil enhances the ability of the scalp to retain water and provide the perfect ground to grow new hair. Because emu oil is a natural, non-chemical hair growth treatment, there is low, to zero scalp irritation when using these products.  You can purchase any of these amazing products at our online store or in our salon.


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Hair Styling Products

Suzette's line of hair styling products are top-rated for both quality and results.  She crafted her styling line with the knowledge that everyone's hair is unique and no single product works on all hair types.  Suzette's products cater to specific needs in order to achieve maximum results.  So regardless if you flat iron your hair, want an an infusion for volume and curl, or just need to remove product build-up, this product line offers something for every need and throws the "one bottle fits all" idea out the window!

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I am a true believer in the E-System!  At one point, I was 40% bald because of stress.  I bought Suzette's shampoo & conditioner; my hair stopped falling out within the week!  My hair grew faster than my dermatologist ever imagined! I recommend these products for anyone who has experienced hair loss from chemo, vitamin deficiency, or stress!  They really work!!

Susan W.

Admin., The Leibow Team

I've used Suzette's E-System since she developed the products.  My hair will never give my age away because it's always healthy and looks terrific!  I also love, love, love her Get Out! shampoo because it is gentle, makes my scalp feel clean and my hair ready for anything I throw at it! 

Laura K.

As a professional actor, I'm required to look my best at all times.  I can't have a bad hair day .. not ever!  Suzette's products have never failed to help my hair look perfect and feeling fabulous.  I am allergic to most hair products so finding this line has been a blessing!

April A.