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This is Rosemary. Rosemary was a client for 10 years when she decided to leave me for a salon closer to her home. After 5 years of disappointing hair do's she decided to come beck, rosemary was not aware of my new line of products but trusted me enough to try them... especially because she is balding on the top of her head. the only thing she had left were a few sprigs.

I told her what my e-shampoo and e-conditioner with emu oil can do for her and even encouraged her to buy a bottle of pure grade A emu oil as an added bonus to ensure growth. After 4 weeks of following my regimen this is a photo of rosemary... unbelievable! Only 4 weeks and she has enough hair to cover the entire top of her head, I must say it brought a tear to my eye because for years she struggled with this horrible problem. It's not over yet but we have come a long way in only 4 weeks.

Stay tuned I will post her progress from month to month.


Addiction!!! I'm addicted to emu oil. That sh*t cures everything but cancer! I went bald? I bought Suzette Audia's products for my hair and it grew back within a month. I use emu oil on chap lips. I use it on scars. I use it to strengthen my hair. I use it to fix my gnarly feet. I use it to cure ACNE! I use it on rashes ... the uses are limitless. Look it up on Google. The only line of hair products I know that use emu oil is Suzette's. Her line is a "must have!" look her up on



I recently purchased your shampoo and I do not know why I did not do this sooner. My entire life I have always had lots of hair come out when I am combing out my hair and blow drying it. I really do not remember a time when I wasn't losing lots of hair. I always have hair wrapped around my fingers that I have to pull off and put in the trash can. I have also clogged many a drain. The first time I used your shampoo and conditioner I noticed that I did not have much hair come out. I was not sure what had happened and did not realize it was the shampoo at first. Each time I used the shampoo/conditioner it was noticeable that my hair was not coming out like it always has done. One day I accidentally picked up my old shampoo and used it. I lost more hair in that one shampoo than I had been. I don't know what is in that shampoo but it is doing a great job on my hair. One day soon you will have to cut my hair in layers.

Thanks, Judy A.

This testimonial is for anyone who has dry, thin, limp, or "I just can't do anything with my hair" peeps; I have a HUGE secret to share. I'm only posting this once so pay attention! Some of you know, I had back surgery last year; my doctor told me to lose weight so ... I did! I also lost about 35% of my hair as well as several dress sizes due to my diet. FREAKING OUT, I contacted my hair guru, Suzette Audia, begging her for tips on how to help w/ my ever falling hair. She recommended her hair products. My reply? "What products?"

Suzette is genius with the scissors & color but I had no idea her true talent lay with her in-depth knowledge of finessing healthy hair. I bought her shampoo and conditioner with some reservation; after all, how can a shampoo or conditioner help my problem, right? Well guess what? I was so wrong! Her products are THE BEST KEPT SECRET around. I challenged her product against Paul Mitchell, Nexus, Matrix and Elon (dermatologist recommended). Her products not only matched but exponentially exceeded the results of other products. You want gorgeous, HEALTHY hair? Go to her website. I'm not getting paid to advertise, I'm not FBing this information because of my kind heart, and I'm receiving no residuals from this post. I just wanted everyone to know this is a REAL product that shows results!!!

It's medically official! My hair is on the mend!! Yay! Thanks, Suzette Audia. The dermatologist WOW'd over the results of your hair products. He said my hair was strong, full, had new growth, and felt exceptionally healthy... he was impressed with the results in such a short time! So... Because of you, I bounced all the way home with a smile of my face!!!


Let me start by saying I am highly sensitive to chemicals. It can be a dash of fragrance and I will have a headache for the rest of the day. This always left me unable to use hairspray. However Suzette Audia's product "Triple Take" has solved my problem. It has a touch of fragrance in it, but it is so light that it doesn't cause me any reaction. The pay off is it works and holds my hair for the entire day without the hair-sprayed look. I am thrilled that I can actually style my hair again. I couldn't live without this product in my beauty basket. I guarantee if you are sensitive to products; NO ONE is more sensitive than me. Give it a try, you will be happy you can work up a hair style again!

Thank you Suzette!!!

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