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"Master Certified" of the popular Brazilian Blowout! Come visit us!

Suzette's Reviews

Becky F., client for 4 years:
"My hair has been transformed by using suzettes E shampoo and conditioner. like most women i have been coloring my hair for years and the result was dry,split,and dead hair. after using E shampoo and conditioner for only one month, i saw a significant difference in texure and managability. for a special treat i use Get Out shampoo every 3-4 days, to deep clean and strip my hair of residual product build-up, Get Out shampoo makes my scalp feel daughter now uses this product, so we have them in all sizes."

Jo Jo W., client for 8 years:
" love love love "Get Out" i use this product once a week to put my hair in that get fresh ready for the week mode, and the fragrance in the shower is wonderful. i also use E shampoo everyday, love the way just a little goes a long way. my hair and scalp feel clean, helps to also smooth away the dryness.

I put the finishing touch on with Twist, for my spikes. this product holds my style without looking stiff."

Janna A., client for 20 years:
"I have been using Suzette's products for a while now. i love the E shampoo and E conditioner so much, i now have my whole family using it, my teenage daughters, son and even husband. the products leave my hair looking full and healthy while leaving body. the omega 3's promote hair growth along with shine. the products do such a great job that no other product is necessary. gone are my need to use hair spray and smoothing gel. my hair feels and looks so natural.

I have been a client of Suzette's for over 20 years and have the utmost respect for her creativity and professionalism. she is definately a pioneer in hair design, my family and i will go nowhere else for our hair care needs. P.S. Suzette says i am the only client that buys her shampoo and conditioner by the gallon."

Brenda J., client for 6 years:
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE Suzette Audia Triple Take hairspray. It has just the right hold without feeling sticky or weighing down my hair. I can go several days without washing my hair because this product brushes right out! I can also adjust the amount of hold I need depending on the style of the day, that's genious!
I am hooked!"

Long standing client Louis Mendez who has been going to Suzette since 1984 says, "I find keen interest in Suzette's nomadic abilities and the stories behind them. She's always very entertaining. We laugh the whole time I am there. I have 5 top women in my life, Suzette rates as #3. (I have known her longer than my own wife!)"

Corporate Image Trainer Linda Thomas says, "I first saw Suzette when she was teaching a fantastic Fun Ed class. I learned so much from her 2 hour class, I couldn’t wait for her personal consultation for my own hairstyling and color. She is wise, makes learning fun and doesn't look her real age!"

Eva Carwile says, “Suzette makes it look so easy, she’s fast and efficiant and my hair never looks as if I just came from the salon, she’s also great about teaching you how to use all her magic tools and products to achieve the same look.”

Holly Ortiz says, “It is evident from the first conversation that Suzette is very experienced and knowledgeable.  She has been able to keep my hair very healthy even considering the regular chemical processing of the permanent straightening on my extremely curly hair and highlighting.  It is always a joy to visit Suzette and I am always tremendously pleased with the results when I leave. Suzette has definitely earned a customer for life!”

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