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Salon look for Less, Splurge vs. Save

by Roni Proter, March 2009

Suzette Audia is a hair stylist who's revealing the professionals style secrets, and showing us how we can create a salon look at home - without compromising quality.  Let's start with the basics: shampoo and conditioner.

McKenzie Shields says, "I've bought salon products before, and I also buy products off the shelf, but I don't know what the difference is though."  Mckenzie loves the smell of the high end brand, but not the price tag.  Suzette says, while holding up two bottles, "This one here retails for about 8 dollars and this one here is about 15 dollars, so it's almost double the cost."

Suzette recommends using the L'Oreal nature's therapy mega moisture shampoo and conditioner, as an affordable replacement to salon products.  But McKenzie asks, "Will I get the same result using that as the matrix?"  Suzette says, "For those who can't afford it, this is an awfully good product."  And McKenzie says, "I definitely feel like I can make better decisions as opposed to just walking up to the shelf and buying the first one I see."

But what about hair dyes, does it pay to do it yourself?  Judith Martin says, "When I do it myself it's not always the same color, sometimes it's lighter or darker."  Suzette says that's because of the amonia, which can ruin your hair!  "They put so much amonia in those products because they have to stay on the shelf for a very long time."  Because each batch is made to order, salons use less amonia, protecting the cuticles.  Judith says, "For me, the color is where I'll splurge. It was just too hit or miss, and I really like this color."  Beauty really does come from the inside out.  Suzette recommends taking fish oil daily to help strengthen your cuticles and keeping your hair looking fabulous.

But what about styling? Women of color often make a trip to the salon each week!  Stephanie Ward says she's spending $200 a month, "Because when I try to do it at home myself it frizzes back up."  Suzette's answer is to invest in the right tools, like a fully ceramic flat iron, "You really need to get a more expensive flat iron, because it will burn and damage your hair."  A good flat iron can cost up to $200, but that's still the equivalent of one salon trip for Stephanie.  She says, save instead on curling irons, "You don't have to spend 60 dollars to get a good curling iron."  Teflon coated curling irons are cheaper, and protect your hair.  Stephanie says, "I could probably save in excess of $200 a month and probably 20 hours a month not having to drive and go to the hair salon.  Ya, this us huge for me."

Suzette Audia is having a workshop on Tuesday to teach women more tips and tricks from the professionals that you can use at home to save money and a trip to the salon.  Her information:

Workshop information:

Suzette Audia
4105 W Spring Creek Pkwy
Plano, TX 75023
(972) 208-4247

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