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Losing My Hair Phd

Holly went on an extreme weight loss plan, losing over 150 lbs. she lost hair as well. Holly rubbed pure emu oil on her scalp for months, and BAM!!!! grew back!

Susan went on extreme diet, losing 40 plus pounds and tons of hair... after many doctor appointments, expensive treatments, and harsh shampoo's, Susan began my e regimen and within a few days her hair stopped falling out and within a few months... all her hair came back!

The pink area(top of head) was completely bald, Rosemary's hair began to grow back after several years of attempt... with e Shampoo, e Conditioner and pure emu oil.

Rosemary's hair several months later (below)

About E Shampoo & E Conditioner

The "E" stands for Emu oil. These products help stop the effects of aging while creating soft, shiny, healthy hair. The proprietary blend in these products promotes unprecedented rapid hair growth. Among the key ingredients in E Shampoo & E Conditioner are Panthenol, Wheat Germ oil, Keratin, and Jojoba. The real secret is the Emu oil. Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, which promotes hair growth by penetrating the stratum corneum barrier of the skin with high levels of oleic acids. This oil has a combination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which enhances the ability of the upper skin layer to hold water and provides a perfect ground to grow new hair. Because Emu oil is a natural, non-chemical hair growth treatment, there is a low. to no, level of scalp irritation when using these products.

Top 10 reasons to use E shampoo and conditioner

1 contains Emu oil....studies have proven emu oil has the ability to grow hair
2 wakes up sleeping follicles....sparse hair will continue to grow
3 stops hair breakage
4 low ph...great for maintaining Color, Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin treatments
no need for sulfate free shampoo's
5 feeds and nourishes your scalp by penetrating the skin to allow maximum hair growth
6 also contains jojoba, keratin, coconut, wheat germ oil (vitamin e) and omegas
7 99.9% success rate since its debut in 2010
8 refreshing fragrance
9 great for the entire family and cost effective
10 I guarantee it or your money back!

E Products For Hair Growth

E Shampoo & E C onditioner can be used daily. Pure grade A Emu oil needs to be used prior to shampooing. Massage a quarter sized amount of pure, grade A Emu oil into scalp. Leave oil in your hair for no less than 4-6 hours then shampoo and condition. For best results, keep Emu oil in hair over night. Follow-up with E Shampoo & E Conditioner.

Product Price
E Shampoo/conditioner 8oz each $18.00
E shampoo/conditioner 16 oz each $28.00
E Shampoo 32oz. w/pump $45.00
E Conditioner 32oz. w/pump $45.00
Pure Grade A Emu Oil 2 oz* $18.00

E System vs. Minoxidil (Rogain)

Both treatments offer hair growth treatments for the following:

  • Hair loss caused by thyroid conditions, crash dieting and certain medications.
  • Hair loss brought on/or as a result of chemotherapy, menopause, or other auto-immune disorders.


  • Appears to work by widening the hair follicle, causing a thicker strand of hair and prolongs the anagen stage (growth stage) of hair cycle.
  • The exact physiological basis for these effects remains unknown; MEANING: doctors and researchers don't really know why Minoxidil promotes hair growth. They can only offer an educated guess!
  • It penetrates into the scalp to revitalize hair follicles that have become dormant.
  • It can take up to 4 months to begin to see results with most products.
  • Additonal products need to be purchased to maintain the health of existing follicle and hair strands.


  • Treats hair loss as well as maintaining heathy follicles and existing hair. Shampoo & Conditioner include fundamental ingredients such as pro vitamin B5 found in DL Panethenol, jojoba oils, hydrolyzed silk proteins, hydrolyzed rice proteins, ivy extract and emu oil.
  • This system saturates the hair follicle and revitalizes the damaged hair follicles by acting as an anti-inflammatory on the scalps epidermis, which in turn, aids to widen the follicle during anage stage (growth stage) of hair cycle.
  • Unlike chemical based Minoxidil, E-System uses natural lipids, identical to those found in the human body, to enhance the follicles' ability to grow hair. Since this system is comprised of natural lipids, there is no danger of clogging the damaged follicles during anagen stage.
  • Hair growth can be seen as early as 6-8 weeks after starting E-System.
  • No additional products are needed to maintain and grow new hair.


Three years ago, I went on a crash diet and lost 80 lbs. I also lost 35% of my hair. After speaking with a dermatologist, he recommended a shampoo/conditioner plus Rogaine. He warned me I would never again regain my full head of hair but in 9 months to a year, I would have air growth. After trying the recommended shampoo/conditioner, I was devastated. Not only did the chemicals in Rogaine burn my scalp but now my hair was brittle and breaking.

I went to Suzette so she would just cut my hair off because I felt I was out of options. She refused and instead handed me her products FOR FREE and told me to try them. Within 7 days my hair stopped falling out. By the time I had a follow up appointment with my dermatologist, I had new hair growth! That was 5 weeks after athe beginning of the treatment. The dermatologist was astounded at the rate of growth and the healthy of my hair. In just six months, my hair had returned to over 90% of my original hair thickness.

Without Suzette's products, I don't believe my hair would ever have returned. There is just nothing like her products out on the market and I thank her every day for handing me those bottles on that day!”

– Susan Wise


To consult with Suzette regarding your hair loss problem or to learn more about the products, you may get in touch with Suzette through the following channels.

Suzette Audia
The Hair Design Group
4105 W. Spring Creek Pky., #606A
Plano, TX 75024
(972) 208 - HAIR

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